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Exif data analysis spreadsheet

Lately I’ve been debating my next lens purchase and trying add a bit of objectivity (not particularly easy) to the process. I started out wanting to do get some simple info on common focal length usage and came across ExposurePlot, however it doesn’t work with Canon raw files. I subsequently discovered the excellent ExifTool which works with just about every image format known to man.

I’ve put together a simple Excel spreadsheet to pull in data from ExifTool in CSV format and display a few charts based on the sliced and diced data. It is fairly easy to use:

  • Run the batch file to dump the data to CSV.
  • Refresh the data connections in Excel.

You get some nice charts to play around with:


You can grab the spreadsheet and batch file here. N.B. This is released as is without warranty of any kind. Use at your own risk. You’ll need a copy of ExifTool in the same folder. Run the batch file passing in the folder where the images you would like to analyse are; then open the spreadsheet and refresh all.